I have been accumulating Internet and server related skills since 1996. My approach to creating a website is ’nuts and bolts.’ I like to build websites that do things. 

I have experience with:

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
LAMP administration (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP)
Stylesheets (CSS)
Mail protocols
Video editing and web optimization
Video conferencing

I have built/installed/modified:

Content Management Systems
Shopping Carts
Learning Platforms
Project Management Systems
Social Networks and a few other things

Specific Software:

Joomla — By far my greatest amount of experience with an open source content management system. Experience since 2005 with Joomla and it’s predecessor Mambo. Comfortable working with versions 1.0, 1.5, 1.6, 2.5 and 3.0.
Community Builder — Social Networking
JomSocial — Social Networking
Wordpress — I’ve dabbled
Drupal — I installed this a few times, and thought it was decent.
Gallery — A much loved, but now unsupported gallery software.
OS Commerce — A straight forward shopping cart with many modules for expansion.
Moodle — The most popular learning platform. For online classroom settings.
Mediawiki and Semantic Mediawiki — The open source software used on Wikipedia. 
CPanel — If you need this, I’m sure you know what it is.
Virtuemart — A shopping cart specifically designed to run inside Joomla. 

Work Examples:  

This website  
Pierce and Associates A Mortgage Foreclosure law firm.
Waterbug Records — A solid workhorse, 12,503,188 requests since Thursday 03 March, 2005.  
Not completed   An unfinished project, but still a great example of implementing the designs of a graphics team.  
Chicago Jack and Jill Chapter — Private. For internal use.  
Lakeshore Jack and Jill Chapter — Private. For internal use.  
Fydoland — Ongoing. Now with three locations. I took over the maintenance and development of this site when they had only one store.  

For many years I have worked for, and with my close friend and work partner Daniel Lillian. Daniel has been working in graphic design since the early 90’s. His skills with Photoshop and Quark are unparalleled. I highly recommend him for any print related needs. He can help you with all aspects of concept and creation, with a subtlety rarely seen in print media anymore.

For websites with complex visual designs, Daniel and I can team up to deliver you beautiful, highly functional websites that will impress your clients and give return on investment for many years.

To contact Daniel Directly goto: Danielgraphics

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