September 2014

I began juggling thirty-three years ago in September, 1981. It was three days of a sixth grade gym class. Three days that changed me forever...

A Brand New Site!

The new site is live. I have been working very hard on it, and I hope you like it. So where is the old site? It's taking a permanent vacation. Before it goes away forever it's taking some time to inform the new site of all that it knows.

So the links page will be back in some form or another, as well as anything else useful or interesting.

In the meantime, say hello to the new site. May it live long and prosper!



I have been healing the last few months from hernia surgery. Recovery has been going great, and I'm excited about upcoming projects.

Currently seeking bookings for Autumn 2014 and beyond.

For past news and career highlights click here.





Adam Zeisler - Variety Entertainer - The Jugglerman - Chicagoland

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