Adam Zeisler has been teaching and training juggling and circus arts for a number of years. With close one-on-one training you can reach your goals. Beginning, intermediate, advanced — no matter where you're at, press your potential and improve!

Get help with:
Ball, Ring, and Club Juggling
Rolling Globe, Unicycle, and Rola Bola
Fire Manipulation, Eating, and Safety
Poi, Club, and Hoop Spinning
Stage Performance
Who knows what else? Don't be afraid to ask

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Don't throw until you know where you're throwing to. Don't reach until you know what you're reaching for.

Listen to your mistakes

Your mistakes are what make you unique. Mistakes are where style comes from.

Spend time breaking rules

Leave time in your practicing to explore all the things that don't work. Don't just take your instructor's word for it, take some time to move your arms the way they shouldn't be moved. Spend a few minutes throwing wildly. Pay attention to the limitations of these movements. Try to understand why you're being advised against them. Consider possibilities, do these movements have any usefulness? 

Look for the still points

Throws should happen when the balls in the air peak. Look for the moment that the ball isn't going up, and it isn't coming down.

Practice when you're present

It's not how long you practice. Give practice sessions your full attention. Don't just "go through the motions." The quality of your practice affects how much you learn.